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From The Desktop of Mk Akan.

Mk Akan

Dear friend,

Have you ever wondered how they gurus do it?

How they launch products after products , sometimes in niches they know nothing about.

What’s their BIG SECRET. How exactly do they do it?

Today you’ll have access to this secret …and I promise YOU…

After You Discover This Product Creation Secret On This Page, You Will Never Stress Over Product Creation Ever.

You’ll own information products in any profitable niche or markets you know nothing of…without even creating the product yourself.

So if you …

…want to create an information product and have no idea how to start

Or you picked a niche already but is currently struggling to create your first product

Or perhaps you’re currently creating your first information product but you have procrastinated for weeks and months.

Or you have an idea of a product to create but have no clue what should be in the product.

Or Perhaps you hate to write …or don’t want to go through the stress of creating a product …but want a PROVEN way to own a high quality, high value, fast selling product you can quickly start selling.

Or maybe you don’t have time to create a product or you are very busy with your day job.

Whatever your case…I promise YOU this...

After You Discover This Product Creation Secret You’ll Never Struggle To Create Any Information Product Ever Again.

This may sound unbelievable but after you discover this shortcut, you’ll enter any BIG, Competitive and Highly profitable niches or market …and in less than 7 days, have a high quality, high demand information product you will proudly slap your name on and sell.

It Is The Same Shortcut Used By Many Products Creators To Enter New Niches And Evergreen Markets.

With this strategy, you will enter the weight loss market, the forex market or any profitable niche…and in less than 7 days…have a brand new product to sell for $7 ,$17, $27 or $47 or a bonus product to give away.

All You Do Is Use The Quick Product Creation Secret (Revealed On This Page), And In 7 Days Or Less, Own A Brand New Product With YOUR Name On It.

It’s the same secret strategy I used to create a high quality product in the PALEO Market.

And the sweet part is …

You Won’t Even Create The Info Product Yourself.

You don’t even need to know a thing about the niche.

You don’t need to be a guru or expert in your niche.

You don’t need to interview any expert or do anything outside your comfort zone.

All you use is the secret product creation shortcut I’ll reveal to you in a minute.

I know, it sound too good to be true …

But Before I Reveal Details To You , Here’s A Little Story About Me And How All This Came About …

My name is Mk Akan.

I am an African information marketer.

For the last 3 years, I have created all sorts of products and services helping other marketers and make more income in their business.

See what customers and people say about me and my products.


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All of my products and services are from the different mistakes and successes that I had while figuring out how to make money online.

But sometime in 2013, I got interested in the Paleo niche/market.

And This Is How I Created A Paleo Product Without Having Any Knowledge In The Niche.

You see, I noticed people spent a lot of money in the niche so I decided to create a product.

But I had a problem.

I knew nothing about PALEO. In fact I was totally clueless about the Paleo niche.

Here’s the funny part.;)

I Have Never Eaten A Paleo Diet Or Even Seen One In Real Life.

So you know, I had 2 choices.

a.     Spend days and months to research Paleo then write my version

b.     Abandon the project and do something else

Well, I don’t have time to become a guru or learn all about Paleo, so I almost gave up on the idea.

How do you create a high quality product in a niche you know nothing about?

Mind you, I did not just want a product...i wanted a product I could confidently put my name on and get readers to rave happily about it.

To Cut The Story Short…I Was Able To Achieve This Exact Feat …Without Knowing A Thing About Paleo.

Here’s exactly what I did:

1.     I bought a ready-made product (PLR) from a quality PLR store…and using my secret formula, was able to get a writer to transform that average product into shiny brand new PALEO book.

It is now on sale on Amazon Kindle with many buyers and two 5 star reviews.

two 5 star review from real buyers 

Get This…

I did not write the book or rewrite the book by myself.

I did not stress over the product creation.

I bought a cheap e-book on Paleo and while I was relaxing and doing other things with my life, I got someone to rewrite the e-book cheaply (using my own secret formula) into a brand new Paleo book.

And this new product is 2-10 times more valuable to buyers …and  it’s 60% - 90% different from the old PLR.

Well Mk, You Have Just Revealed Your Strategy Which Is- Buy PLR And Rewrite It. Right?

Well sort of but not completely TRUE.

You see, this is not just about rewriting the words in a book.


I have a unique system and set of instructions that does more than just rewriting PLR.

Using my unique system and set of instructions to be given to the rewriter, you can place the old PLR and your new product side by side …and will never know it came from the PLR.

The System Will Totally Transform Any PLR To A Different Product You Can Proudly Add Your Name And Sell.

 And you can use it to create any number of products in any niche.

You can have 2, 3 or 5 products done in 1 week.

All the work is done by other people …while you relax at home watching a TV, work on other things or play with your kids or spouse or lover.

I have outlined all the steps I took and the Exact Secret Formula into training titled …

Quick Info Products

This training reveals How to own high quality and fast selling information products in any niche …even if you know nothing about the niche or hate to write. (Or don’t have time to write or is plain lazy)

When you get Quick Info Products, you’ll discover the following …

1.     The special formula and the simple 3 steps needed to transform any common PLR product into a shiny new product you can proudly put you name on and sell

2.     The best niches where these proven strategy works

3.     3 top places to buy high quality PLR products (Warning- there are low quality and plagiarized PLR products out there , so don’t fall a victim)

4.     A quick way to uncover in 10 minutes, the exact new ideas to instruct your writer to inject into your new product. ( This is how to make your product high quality , unique and super valuable to buyers /readers)

5.     Where and how to get high quality writers for as low as $10 ( you will never have to worry or be confused about who to pick )

6.     A proven way to name your new information product to attract sales.

7.     How to transform your cheap PLR product into a shiny brand new product you can sell over and over again

8.     2 places to get people to rewrite and rearrange your book for super cheap (from $10 - $20)

9.     The first thing you MUST do before you give a writer any instruction

10.        Where to BUY high quality PLR products that are not plagiarized or stolen

Quick Action Bonuses

Along with the main product, when you order NOW. I mean right NOW…you get 3 special bonuses.

Bonus 1

The Link To My Paleo Book And The Entire Dialogue, Instructions And Steps Used To Create My Paleo Book.

You get to see the dialogue I had with the rewriter. The instructions I gave and the whole complete steps I took.

Am taking a risk here…because I want to make sure YOU really get this. I want you to avoid making any mistakes. (This is worth over $197)

Bonus 2

A list of 4 writers I personally USE who will transform your PLR book into a new, quality e-book product you can sell.

With this bonus you’ll never struggle or stress about finding writers.

You also get the exact, word for word instructions to give them.

This also saves you from stressing to pick the right rewriter or how to instruct them properly.

Bonus 3

How To Outsource Any Writing Or Rewriting Job Starting With As Low As $5

This bonus product reveals reveals step-by-step ,  how to get a rewriter to work on your new product starting with as low as $5 -$20. You'll discover how to get the best writers and workers on Odesk and
It comes in PDF and video.

So Altogether You Get 4 Products

1.     The main product reveals step-by-step ,  how to own a new info products in any niche …even if you have no knowledge in the niche…and without doing any work.

You’ll discover how to buy the PLR cheaply, how to uncover what to add , the exact 
instructions to give your writer…and all you need to do to transform your PLR to a brand new product.

2.     A Special Bonus revealing how I created my Paleo product from scratch. You see the PLR I bought, the link to my new Paleo Book, the exact dialogue and instructions I gave the writer.

3.     Another Special Bonus with a List of 4 writers you can hire cheaply to rewrite your product cheaply. You also get the exact instructions to give them. And how to use popular and easy to use platforms to outsource writers cheaply. ($10- $20)

This will ensure you don’t waste time and money on expert writers who can’t deliver.

So with this main product and these 2 rare special bonuses, you can’t make mistakes. You’ll know exactly what to do.

You’ll have no delays. No mistakes or guess work.         

Ok Mk. This Looks Good…So How Much Is This?

Before I reveal the price …I need you to really understand the value of what you’ll   get.

You see, I have not only provided you with the steps and everything needed to own your own money making products from scratch…in any niche you choose.

You also get a special bonus with a link to the exact product I created, the exact dialogue and instructions I gave to the writer and everything I did.

You also get another special bonus with a list of 4 high quality writers.

Each of these bonuses could easily be sold as upsells and are very valuable.

So How Much Would You Pay To Have A Complete Fast Selling Product With Your Name On It…In Any Niche You Like Or Market…In The Next 7 Days Or Less (without doing the HARD WORK) ?

How much would you pay to have a $7, $17 (or more products) selling 2-10 copies a week. (That’s $728 - $3640 or $1768 - $5780) a year.

Even if I was to discuss this strategy with you for 1 hour , revealing exactly how you can do it, and revealing how I used it to create my Paleo product…I could easily charge you $197( or even more) for 1 hour.

But you don’t have to pay that much.

You’ll have full access to everything and special bonuses of just $97.

Immediate Action Discount

I want to make this even more affordable for YOU so when you order NOW…I’ll cut off $80…and let you have this for just

$97 $17 (Save $80)

Click The Yellow Button, Enter Your Details And Download Quick Info Products And Special Bonuses NOW


But You Need To Hurry.

This is a dime sale…so anytime someone buys, the price jumps. The price will keep moving up fast.

So order now, to avoid losing money or paying more.

Click The Yellow Button And Complete Your Order NOW

300 Day “No Risk” Money Back Guarantee

  You are covered by a 300 day money back guarantee …which means just try this training for 300 days “risk free”.

If you try it for 30 days and you don’t own a high quality info product you can proudly add your name and sell, please ask for your money back.

You’ll get a refund. No questions asked.

Order Now To Get Started Immediately

Well Mk, There Are Other Products On Rewriting And Creating New Products From PLR, Why Should I Buy Yours?

Well, here are 5 reasons.

1.    This Product Is Much More That Rewriting PLR

The main product reveals step by step…all you need to do to own a brand new product in any niche or market…even if you have no knowledge…by transforming ready-made products into your own unique products.

This is not just about rewriting books or PLR.  No doubt, rewriting is involved in the process…but that’s not all.

It’s about adding value and rewriting the product into something that matches the real needs and demand of your market.

Most courses just talk about rewriting PLR.This one is much more than that.

Your new product will be 10x valuable and will be valued by your readers because the new product will match the real needs and demand of the market.

2.     You Get The Exact Dialogue And Details Used In The Creating Of My First Paleo Product.

 I hold nothing back.

Most courses just give you just steps. This one shows a live example of what and how I used these steps to create a unique product in the Paleo niche.

You get the live dialogue, exact instructions and everything I said and did to create the Paleo book. I’ll even show you the book on

No one does this.                                                 

3.     You Also Get Access To All Writers I Use.

You’ll get instant access to 4 handpicked and quality writers you can use. This cuts waste of time and helps you instantly implement the new strategy with ease.

You won’t have to struggle to find writers or guess or make mistakes.  You just open the special bonus, find a writer in 1 minute then contact the person. 

4.     An Asset Gotten At A Steep Discount Offer

A product that sucks in money into your PayPal account daily, weekly or monthly, is an asset.

An asset that will constantly bring YOU sales.

 And for this discount offer, you TOO can own one. This training is a cheap investment that empowers you to own assets.

And you get everything you need to get started without delay.

You can only lose here if you don’t take action.

Order Now And Get Started



I want you to imagine this scenario.

You wake up tomorrow and decide you want to create a product in the parenting niche.(or any niche you like)

 You may have no kids of your own (or do). You may not even know a thing about parenting …but all of that does not matter…because using the secrets you find in the Quick Info Product, you will have new products in 7 days or less.

You can repeat this in any niche you like.

Finally, you overcome the problem of  product creation and is fulfilled and happy with your progress. 

You NOW have a product that will bring sales and give you the money you always wanted to make online. This shortcut is 1 step towards realizing your internet dream.

Are You Ready To Own Your Products And Make Money?

You Have 2 Options…

1.     Close this page and go back to struggling to create ebook products. Go back and continue wasting time and delaying the launch of your product.Go back to struggling for months to finish up that ebook or course.

Go back and keep wasting time and money buying multiple $17 - $97 product creation courses and strategies that require too much work. Courses that will end you in frustration and you getting angry with yourself.

Or ….

2.     Order Quick Info Products NOW at a discount and finally discover a shortcut for creating information product in less than 7 days... without even doing the work YOURSELF.Finally , you relax while other people do the HARDWORK for YOU.

You now own a product(s) by leveraging other people's time, energy and knowledge. 

And the most interesting FACT is can do it again and again , in as many niches as you like.

Finally you TOO, now have a money making product that pulls in money from daily or weekly sales.

It’s time to take action. Do it NOW.

     Mk Akan

Mk Akan

PS-This training reveals how transform your mobile device into a product creation machine. So you can create high value information products priced at $27- $97.

PPS- You’ll finally overcome product creation using a fun and "rocket fast". If you are a newbie you’ll kill the self-doubts that bring inaction.