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Discover How To Set up Blogs, Build Online Forums, Build A List , How To Earn With Google Adsense And Many More

Here are the different courses and what you will get from reading them.

1. Nigerian Online Business Foundation Course (first 20 pages of the PDF course)

online business foundation course

you will discover:

  • The truth about blogging and making money with blogging
  • The truth about paid surveys and why they don’t work for Nigerians
  • Why PayPal And ClickBank Accounts will not make you money online

2. List Building Basics  ( PDF course)

you will discover:

  • How to start building a list of subscribers
  • The exact things needed befroe yo ucan start building a list
  • Why PayPal And ClickBank Accounts will not make you money online

3. Set Up HandBook 

  • How to set up your free blog in less than 5 minutes
  • How to get a good blog template for your new blog
  • What widgets are and how to add them to your blog

4.How To Build A Forum Like

  • The best topics to choose when starting a forum
  • How to get people to vist and register on your forum
  • How to make money with your forum like

5.How To Set Up A WordPress Website/Blog From Scratch 

  • Where to buy domain names easily online
  • Exact steps needed to set up your WordPress blog
  • How to connect your domain name and web hosting account

6. Google Adsense Cash Course (PDF Course)

  • 10 things that will ensure you make more cash with Google Adsense
  • The best places on your blog to place Google Adsense adverts to maximize your earnings
  • How to find best topics that you can write about to increase your Google Adsense earnings

7.  Frequently Asked Online Business Questions And Answers 

  • answers to questions asked by people who want to learn about online business
  • How to start an online business
  • Important questions to ask yourself before starting an online business

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